Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Clark Park in Winter

I visited the winter market at Clark Park Saturday. The Food Trust has managed to attract 8-10 vendors each week to this year-round venue.

This past Saturday vendors were:
  • Forest View Baking
  • Keystone Farm (root veggies, beef, pork, apples)
  • Slow Rise Baking
  • Eden Garden (apple syrup, apples, root veggies)
  • Margerum's (preserves, root veggies, herbs and spices)
  • Earl Livengood (root veggies, greens)
  • Betty's Buttons (fudge)
Two other vendors who usually make the market, but didn't last week, were Landisdale Farm and Mountain View Poultry.

The most interesting product I found was pointed out to me by Jon Glynn, who manages the Clark Park market for the Food Trust. It was the apple syrup from Eden Garden. It's definitely apple-y fruity and sweet, but with a bit of a tannic bite like molasses. Might be interesting to use in a cocktail, as well as on pancakes.

Earl Livengood is considering shifting his winter presence strictly to Clark Park, since he had found his Saturday business at the Reading Terminal Market drops off considerably at and after lunch. Also, he can no longer be two places at once, since son Dwain is spending a year in Honduras.

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