Saturday, January 22, 2011

Mid-Winter Catch-Up

It's been two months since my last report, due to some family health issues (well on their way to a successful outcome), holiday hectic-ness and my own laziness. I'll try to make up for it with this and subsequent reports.

Terre Madre Festival

On December 10 the RTM held its inaugural Terre Madre Day, named after the huge, artisinal food celebration/convention held every other year in Turin, Italy. Since Paul Steinke, the market's general manager, attended last fall's event in Italy, he brought a bit of it backby organizing a day to show off local foods here.

In the photo, food author Aliza Green, ably assisted by Betty Kaplan, cook up some flank steak from local beef for tasters, while Mike Holahan of Pennsylvania General Store passed out some of Uncle Jerry's Pretzels. Among the other participants: Bee Natural, Blue Mountain Vineyards, Metropolitan Bakery, Birch Run Hills Farm, Earth Bread + Brewing, and Cope’s Dried Corn.

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