Monday, July 06, 2009

Apples, Cantaloupes Debut at Headhouse

Two new vendors appeared at Headhouse yesterday, Twisted Lemonade (very sweet, according to one taster) and Ric's Bread.

I limited my purchases to one very dear tomato ($3 from Tom Culton, $5/pound) and a pint of cherries from Three Springs Fruit Farm ($4). Blooming Glen's heirlooms were also $5/pound.

Three Springs also featured the first apples of the 2009 season, the very early Lodi variety. The apple hails from Lodi, N.Y., was developed in 1911 and went commercial in 1924. It's tart with just a touch of sweetness and is reputed to be a good cooking apple. A box of about a dozen was priced at $8.

Another fruit made its first appearance Sunday: the cantaloupe. A.T. Buzby was selling these Jersey melons for $4.50 apiece. (I guess Buzby doesn't like to weigh produce; just about everything they sell is priced by the piece, not the pound.)

Tom Culton, whose offerings last week included orange cauliflower, had purple heads this week, along with small artichokes, green and yellow stringbeans and the tomatoes. He also had nectarines, priced at $5 a box which appeared to contain 9-10 medium sized fruits each.

Three Springs' berry offerings included blues ($3.50/pint, $5.25/quart), red and black raspberries ($4 for a half-pint), sweet red cherries ($4/pint), sour cherries ($6 for a quart, $9 for two quarts, and $3/quart when you buy four or more. Over at Yoder's Heirlooms, blues were $5 and $8.

Beechwood Orchard's apricots were priced at $3.50/$6.50. Plums and sweet cherries were $3.50/pint, sour cherries $4.50/quart, blues $4/pint, raspberries (all colors) $4 a half-pint, and peaches $4/quart.

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