Saturday, July 11, 2009

Three Strikes for Fair Food Freezer

The Fair Food Farmstand has given up the ghost on its meat freezer. Over the last year or so, it’s broken down three times, with some or all of the meat lost. When it was found by staffers at a “balmy 60 degrees” last Tuesday morning, with all the meat lost, Fair Food management pulled the plug. So, at least for a few weeks, there won’t be any meat products for sale.

There are no plans to put in a new case at the current location: that will wait until the Farmstand moves to its new digs later this summer along Avenue A. Sarah Cain, Farmstand manager, says they might use the planned backup chest freezer at the current stand, but that’s at least a couple weeks away.

In the meantime, the concrete has got about another week to “cure” before more on-site construction can be undertaken at the new stand, though off-site work is progressing on shelving and other appurtenances.

S&B Meats/Barb & Suzy’s Kitchen is making progress on their future stall on Avenue B and 8th Avenue. It’s been painted and much of the shelving is up.

Construction will start soon on the twin renovations of Lancaster County Dairy and Old City Coffee’s stall along 12th Avenue between Avenues B and C. The work will make Old City’s “temporary” second stand permanent.

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