Monday, April 21, 2008

Asparagus Arrives

Local asparagus made its debut last week at Earl Livengood's, Fair Food Farmstand, and Kauffman's Lancaster County Produce, with prices ranging from $2.25 to $5.99/pound (though it's usually priced by the bunch; I figured the range by weighing some bunches, which usually clocked in at about a pound.

Iovine Brother's Produce carried ramps last week at $3.99/bunch, but by Saturday only a handful were left and their condition had deteriorated a bit (still usable, but the greens were a tad ragged). Go for them when they first get it. Vinnie Iovine complained he couldn't get root parsley, which sometimes appears on seder plates in the karpas role. South American pears are still plentiful, with Bartletts priced at 50-cents/pound, Anjou's at 99 cents.

John Yi offered both organic and wild Alaskan king (chinook) salmon. The organic is farm-raised and was priced at $15.99; the wild (probably frozen since there's only limited trolling permitted in southeast Alaska until the main season begins about mid-May) sold for $20.

Sundays at the RTM largely seem to be a tourist/conventioneer affair, at least based on my visit yesterday, my first in months. Iovine's, though reasonably busy, seemed to have only two-thirds or less the staff they do on Saturdays. Other purveyors appeared to be operating with reduced staffs, too. Bassett's, however, could have used a few more scoopers!

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Anonymous said...

I've always wondered why there were two organizations. It was very confusing for me when I first began frequenting farmers' markets. I didn't know why some markets schedules were posted and not others. I think its silly...just join forces already!

The Food Trust emailed the schedule and its below:

Sunday, May 4     
Headhouse Farmers' Market     
2nd & Lombard Sts.      

Wednesday, May 7      
Aviator Park   
20th & Race         

Thursday, May 8       
22nd St. & Fairmount Ave    

Saturday, May 10  
Bridge St. & Taylor Alley 
Saturday 9am-1pm

"Saturday, May 17   
Saturday Headhouse Farmers' Market   "
2nd & Lombard Sts.      

Wednesday, May 21
Schuylkill River Park 
25th & Spruce Sts.

Friday, May 23
Germantown Ave. & Walnut Ln.

Saturday, May 24           
Baltimore Pike & Stewart Avenue

2203 Second St. Pike (Rt. 232)

Wednesday, May 28
South Street West          
15th & South Sts.

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