Saturday, April 03, 2010

Piazza Perseveres

The farmers' market at The Piazza at Schmidt's in Northern Liberties is going strong, at least to judge by the number of vendors. I counted 23 vendors this morning, though customers were few and far between during the market's opening hour beginning at 10 a.m. One vendor told me his shoppers tended to sleep in and not show up until noontime or soon thereafter.

Whether the vendors keep up their presence when other farmers' markets open and their selling opportunities multiply in May is yet to be seen. But those I spoke with have been happy with sales since the market opened in January

Producers participating today included:
  • Shellbark Hollow goat cheese
  • Highland Orchards, produce
  • Birchrun Hills Farm, cheese and meats
  • Weaver's Way, produce
  • Landisdale Farm, produce (also at Clark Park on Saturday)
  • Whimsical Farm, mushrooms, wool products (will add produce later this season, as well as their beef, pork, poultry and lamb come fall)
  • Culton Organics, produce, including fresh garlic
  • M&B Farview Farm, meats
  • Natural Meadow, meats
  • Hillside Nursery
Plenty of bakers and sweets-makers were there today:
  • La Baguette
  • Big Sky Bakery
  • Market Canele (sharing a stall with Joe's Coffee)
  • Amaranth Bakery (gluten-free)
  • Ian's Baked Goods (sharing stall with Culton)
  • John + Kira Chocolates
  • Wild Flour Bakery
  • My House Cookies
Other vendors:
  • Joe's Coffee
  • Verain-Savon, soaps and body goods
  • Barbie-Lu's Sassy Salsa
  • Penn Herb
  • Just Dogs Gourmet
  • Philadelphia Phaithful Sports Apparel
Produce was primarily root vegetables and storage apples, though some offered greenhouse greens. Culton was selling early spring garlic, dandelions and other greens.

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