Sunday, June 19, 2011

Another Market, Another Controversy

Borough Market, during my 2002 visit when it
boasted only a few dozen vendors
It's hard to have a public market without an occasional kertuffle. But the current brou-ha-ha at London's Borough Market is a doozy.

The market evicted eight of its 120 "traders" for disloyalty in making disparaging remarks about Borough Market, according to Peter Wilkinson, the trust's chairman. The dispute appears to be centered upon by the decision of a handful of vendors to open what they claim are primarily storage and production facilities about a mile away under railway viaducts in Maltby Street.

If you're interested in the blow-by-blow, you can read these articles and commentaries (for as long as they are accessible) from The Guardian:

June 12
June 16
June 18

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