Saturday, April 14, 2007


Great deal on mackerel at John Yi's today, $1.99/pound for either Spanish or Boston varieties. And the quality looked very good. Until this week, the Boston mackerel has been on a scrawny side, with Spanish mackerel being more attractive. This week, the Bostons were nicer sized (not huge, just not tiny like they have been) and both fish were pleasingly plump and healthy-looking. Also at Yi's, soft shell crabs came down in a price to a more normal two for $10.

Over at Iovine Brothers, Vinnie was passing out samples of some honeydew melon, $1.99 each. Unexpectedly tasty for an out-of-season (here) melon. Vinnie said he got to the Food Center and saw some ugly melons and figured they had to taste good. They did.

Also at Iovine's this week, red peppers either 99 cents or $2.99, depending on size, yellows at 99 cents, greens at $1.49, orange peppers at $4.99. Bags of last of the season clementines (taste more like tangerines) $4.99; I bought a bag, and unpeeled three once I got one -- two were perfectly fine, one was a tad dessicated. Still, a reasonably good deal.

The price of ramps went up to $3.99 a bunch this week. But avocadoes fell to a buck apiece.

Next Saturday, April 21, is Scrapplefest at the RTM. Alas, I'll be foraging at the Dane County Farmers Market around Capitol Square in Madison, WI, seeking morels and cheese, so I won''t be able to pay homage to one of my favorite pig products. But I hope to post about what I find in Wisconsin!

Here's this week's abbreviated shopping list:

Iovine Brothers ($8.42)
Red bell pepper
Prepared fruit salad

Harry Ochs ($4.42)
Turkey bacon

Fair Food ($11.29)

Hatville Deli ($0.75)

Eggs (half-dozen)

Hershel's Deli ($4.60)


Anonymous said...

(I've been lurking for a few months, since stumbling across this blog somehow...I'm one of the many volunteers at the Fair Food Farmstand, which has provided an opportunity to fall in love with RTM...)

I am also quite sad to be missing the Scrapplefest. (I'll be in Boston for a folk dancing festival.) I grew up in north Jersey, but my mom had grown up around Lebanon, so thin slices of fried scrapple have always been a breakfast treat!

Anonymous said...

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