Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Another Cheese Steak

Over at Passyunk and 23rd , not far from some big box stores, stands one of Philadelphia's myriad cheese steak joints.

Philip's is certainly worth a try before you head to BJ's, Home Depot, Staples or Shop Rite. I didn't try any of the other sandwiches, but the cheese steak, available with Whiz or sliced cheeses, was right up there.

The meat had a beefier flavor than lesser steaks. The portion of meat was generous enough, though certainly not overstuffed, providing the right ratio of meat to onions to bread. I ordered with sliced American instead of my usual Whiz last week and the dairy flavor was there but very subdued; in the past I've had the Whiz and prefer the sauce it makes, especially when you ladle hot sauce from the counter container onto your sandwich.

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