Thursday, May 05, 2011

Milwaukee Public Market

On Tuesday, the last full day of our Wisconsin sojourn, I briefly stopped at the Milwaukee Public Market, whose huge sign I spotted from the interstate en route to  meet friends atthe nearby Milwaukee Art Museum.

Alas, there's not much market at the Milwaukee Public  Market. One fish monger, one cheese monger, one butcher, two bakers. With the exception of the Mexican restaurant, which sold a few items, no fresh fruits and vegetables. There are also vendors for spices, coffee, chocolate, wine and flowers, but most of the vendors, including the fish monger who had an oyster bar, look to make most of their money from lunch and take-away prepared items. There's also a sushi bar, soup seller, and a handful of other lunch vendors.

It's too bad that the local demographics won't support a more cook-it-at-home public market. It's located pretty much what had been the gritty city's traditional market area.

This market is a fraction the size of the Reading Terminal Market, with only 20 full-time vendors, so even the presence of one butcher and one fish monger should be considered a plus. A weekly indoor/outdoor Saturday market accents crafts.

The market is located in Milwaukee's "Historic Third Ward", the city's self-proclaimed "Arts and Fashion District" just south of downtown, with most residences limited to office building and loft conversions.

The market is about a dozen blocks away from what is one of Milwaukee's food meccas: the Usingers sausage store.

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