Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tuesday Markets Open

Note: A tip of the hat to Joanna Pernick of Farm to City for pointing out these are Tuesday markets, not Thursday markets, as initially reported in this space. My apologies to all for sloppy writing/editing in the first instance.

Among the markets beginning their 2011 season this week are the Tuesday venues at Rittenhouse Square (10 a.m. - 1 p.m.) and South & Passyunk (3-7 p.m.)

I visited the latter location this afternoon, where Livengood Family Farm, Big Sky Bakery and Taproot Farm held court. Expect a couple more vendors, including Beechwood Orchards, to put up stakes there as the season progresses.

Greens predominated at both produce stalls, though Livengood also had strawberries ($4.50 or so a pint, iirc) and asparagus. At Taproot I couldn't resist a bag of pea shoots, which only appear briefly in the spring, for $3. They also had snow white hakurei turnips.

This past Sunday, of course, meant another trip to Headhouse Square. Tom Culton and Matt Yoder had fully ripe, large strawberries, $4/pint, along with asparagus, radishes, and greens. Blooming Glen, A.T.  Buzby, Three Springs, Savoie, Queens, and Weaver's Way were among the produce growers there, and the rest of the lineup didn't vary much from the previous Sunday.

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