Monday, April 22, 2013

Bieler's Doughnut Stall Opens

Bieler's Doughnuts & Salads opened Friday in the spot formerly known as AJ's Pickle Patch at the Reading Terminal Market. Proprietor Alvin Bieler, who also owns the eponymous bakery across the market's "11th Avenue" aisle, kept all of his AJ's products except packaged goods, so you can still get barrel pickles, sauerkraut and salads.


Alonna Smith said...

Hey Robert,

How are these doughnuts? If you've had them, how do the match up with Fed Donuts?

Bob Libkind said...

Two different animals. I much prefer Fed. As I said in 5/5 review, pa Durch stuff has way too much sugar and artificial taste for me . But some folks like that.

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