Monday, October 13, 2008

So what is this?

This could be found at Iovine Brothers Produce Saturday at the Reading Terminal Market. The fruits, about four or five inches long, reminded me of cactus pears (a.k.a. prickly pears). Although one of the Iovine managers told me they are similar in taste (and structure, with tiny seeds mixed in with the flesh) to kiwifruit, some Googling uncovered the fact that these Dragonfruit (more properly called Pitaya) are, indeed, the fruit of a cactus-like plant from semi-arid regions. The flesh can be either red or white. I passed them by, but maybe I'll try them (if I can extract the seeds, which can be eaten but are indigestible) in a sorbet.

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Michael Greenberg said...

Dragonfruit are a fun treat, but I should warn you that their bright and exotic exterior belies a subtly tropical flesh that could, on a bad day, be described as 'bland'. Kiwis have a tartness that the dragonfruit lacks.

I've heard of yellow-fleshed dragonfruit, as well, but I've never seen one. It's said that the less stunning pink-fleshed varieties are more flavorful, and my unscientific sample of N=2 has born this out.

They have them (nearly) year round at the Vietnamese markets on Washington Ave.

Good luck with the sorbet!

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