Friday, July 17, 2009

Local Corn at Iovine's

The local corn crop is in at Iovine Brothers Produce. The Reading Terminal Market vendor, which has ongoing relationships with local farms on both sides of the Delaware River, is featuring corn from Shady Brook Farm, Bucks County. The price is 3 ears for a buck.

Also local (South Jersey) at Iovine’s this week: blueberries, $2.99 pint, and peaches, 99-cents/pound. Watermelon (unsure of provenance) is $2.99 apiece for the big, oblong, melons with seeds, $3.99 for the smaller, round sugar babies.

L. Halteman’s also prices competitively for “homegrown” produce. Today I spied yellow and white peaches, $2.19; blueberries, $3.18 pint/$5.29 quart; sugar plums, $3.29/$5.29; cherry tomatoes, $1.99/pint; and 10-inch round watermelons, $4.99 each.

Benuel Kauffman’s Lancaster County Produce’s peaches, yellow or white, were $2.69, though smaller-sized peaches were $1.99. Also at Ben’s: blueberries $4.95/pint, two for $9; cherry tomatoes, $3.50/pint, two for $6; heirloom tomaotes (they looked like Brandywines), $3.69/pound.

Fair Food Farmstand’s heiroloom tomatoes were no bargain at $7.50/pound. Although I’m no okra fan, the red and green varieties ($5/pound) looked good.
Also intriguing, large shallots, $7.50/pound, and Purple Verde tomatillos, $5/pound.

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