Monday, July 06, 2009

New Vendor Signed
Two Other Stalls Under Construction

The pace of activity is up a couple of notches as work begins on two new stalls. A third vendor, new to the Reading Terminal Market, and management have made their deal official.

The third vendor will be Beck's Cajun Cafe, which will occupy the space formerly held down by Everyday Gourmet and, before that, Andros, across from Tootsie's Salad Express (Avenue C between 8th and 9th streets on the market PDF map). It will be operated by the former owner of the Pompano Grill. I can't wait for the beignets. Nowhere at the RTM can you find fresh, hot donuts, except during during Pennslvania Dutch Festival. Construction has yet to start, but Michael Klein reports owner Bill Beck is aiming to open by Labor Day.

Initial construction started a few weeks ago on the combined Amish butcher/hot sausage stand (S&B Meats, Barb & Suzy's Kitchen) next to the Cajun Cafe, formerly occupied by Dutch Country Meats. (Find it on the market PDF map at Avenue B between 9th and 10th streets.) The tempo of construction seems to have slowed at the moment.

The Fair Food Farmstand is going full speed head on its relocated space on the 12th Street aisle (Avenue A between 8th and 10th). Photos of the cement laying today below, as well as supervision by sidewalk superintendents:

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