Friday, August 21, 2009

Ark: Fair Food's, not Noah's

I learned a new definition of the word “ark” recently: a shelf for holding produce. Whether it derives from Noah’s vessel I know not, but I do know that they arrived from the woodshop recently and have been moved onto Fair Food’s new premises at the Reading Terminal Market.

The unfinished wood shelving is but one step before Fair Food can open. Refrigeration units may (or may not) arrive next week, then all the equipment has to be hooked up. Fair Food’s goal is to open before Labor Day weekend, just two weeks from now.

S&B Meats and Barb & Suzy’s Sausage still has next Wednesday, Aug. 26, as its target date for opening.

Work continues at Old City Coffee’s second location, which means I had to get my iced coffee this morning at the main location.

No construction yet at Beck’s Cajun Cafe, but they reportedly have finally got a contractor.

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