Sunday, May 11, 2014

So Long, Sushi: RTM Stall Loses Lease

You will no longer be able to dine on sushi at the Reading Terminal Market after the end of the month. That's when Tokyo Sushi Bar's lease expires and it will not be renewed, according to RTM General Manager Paul Steinke.

This isn't the first time the propietor, David Dinh, has been told he would loose his lease. The last time was in 2005, when the stall had numerous cleanliness and health issues. David cleaned up his act and got a new lease.

This time, though the market's general manager, Paul Steinke, said the lease wouldn't be renewed. The primary reason, he told me, was the poor ratings Tokyo Sushi's food has received on Yelp, where few reviewers have anything kind to say about food quality or prices.

Steinke is unsure what will replace Tokyo Sushi. But the stall occupies a prime spot on Center Court, and putting in another restaurant-type lunch vendor will not harm the market's goal to limit this type of business to about one-third of the businesses there. Steinke will be able to extract a premium rent from a lunch vendor at this busy and visible location.

Although three Chinese lunch vendors have stalls at the market, Tokyo Sushi Bar is its sole purveyor of Japanese food.

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