Saturday, August 08, 2009

New Vendors Progress

Barb & Suzy’s Kitchen is aiming for an Aug. 26 opening at the Reading Terminal Market, along with its companion butcher shop, S&B Meats. But that didn’t stop Barb & Suzy from trying out an item at today’s Pennsylvania Dutch Festival that doesn’t appear on the menu boards: roast pig sandwiches. In this case it was another name for pulled pork, and the sample offered me was delectable, served in a vinegary clear juice.

As for the menu, breakfast will concentrate on egg sandwiches with or without cheese, bacon, sausage or ham with the usual beverage options. At lunch it will be sausage sandwiches ($6.50 with peppers, onions and sauce, cheese extra) and hot dogs ($1.75, kraut extra).

What looks most promising on the menu is the friture: deep-fried veggies (broccoli, cauliflower, mushrooms, onion, $3.75/$4.75, dip extra), french fries ($2.25/$3.50, cheese extra) and, most promising of all, “Delux Bacon Fries” ($3.50/$4.75). Don’t know exactly what they will be, but I’m assuming they are french fries and bacon served together. Or maybe it’s battered, deep-fried bacon?

On the S&B Meats side, new refrigerated cases are in place. In addition to fresh meats, they plan on handling a line of German cold cuts and cured meats.

Fair Food Advances

The new aggregate floor has been installed at Fair Food’s new location along 12th street. Shelving installation looks like it should begin soon.

Work is just underway at Beck’s Cajun Cafe, but not much visible progress.

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mtmama - Pa said...

Robert, you will love the friture!
My husband and I were the guinea pigs for these delectable treats.
The sausage sandwiches are delicious too.

And the "Most Promising" of all
the items on the menu are the "Deluxe Bacon Fries"!
You will think you've died and gone on to a better place.

In our younger days we used to drive to Atlantic City especially for the french fries made in peanut oil. Everyone does it now so we don't have to make the long drive anymore.

Now we only have to drive to Phila. for Suzy and Barb's
Deluxe Bacon Fries! I'm not telling how they are made but you won't want to miss this delectable,
scrumptious and tasty treat.
Unlike any french fry you ever ate! They are miles above your average fry.

So when you do finally sample some of these delicious Lancaster County goodies, please tell them that Good's Mtmama recommended
trying all of the above!

How does one you get a job like yours? Sounds like something I would love to do!

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