Monday, June 01, 2009

Greens Galore at Headhouse

Collards, sorrel and kale from Yoder Heirlooms

Blooming Glen's Broccoli Rabe

Weaver's Way radishes for color contrast

Spring vegetables for cooking and salads could be found in profusion at the Headhouse Square Farmers’ Market Sunday, as evidenced by these photos.

Cucumbers were also in abundance, including traditional salad cukes, kirby cukes (ideal for pickling) and English cukes, a low-seed variety. Culton Organics’ 15-inch long, three-inch thick English cukes were $5 apiece. Weaver’s Way’s kirbies were $2.25/pound, while Blooming Glen was selling them for 75 cents apiece. A.T. Buzy had kirbies at 3 for a buck. Salad cukes were $1.50 apiece at Blooming Glen.

Culton also featured shelled peas at $5/box, snap peas at $4 for one-half pound. Strawberries were $7 a quart there; they were $3.25/pint at Weaver’s Way and Blooming Glen.

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