Thursday, June 04, 2009

Market Palette Expands

An expanded palette of vegetables was evident at today’s Fairmount Farmers’ Market, where Sam Stolfus offered not just strawberries, asparagus and sugar snaps, but broccoli, cauliflower, and beets. Lettuces, rhubarb, spring onions and cooking greens were also available. Sam also sells mushrooms and Amish sweet baked goods.

Sam’s cruciferous veggies were selling for $2 a head. Beets, radishes and collards were $1.50/bunch, asparagus $2.25. Heads of lettuce were $1.50 also. Sam’s strawberries were $3/pint or $5/quart.

Nearby Earl Livengood’ stand offered strawberries for $3.95/$7.50, as well as pristine collards and kale, along with potatoes, spring onions, spinach, lettuces and a few other veggies.

Marcelle’s Bakery was among the missing this week (I don’t know whether that’s permanent or not), but Wild Flour Bakery was there in its stead. A colorful selection of plants for the patio could be found from Weller’s or Dave.


Erin said...

Hi Bob,
I read your blog regularly, especially since I live in Fairmount/Francisville. Wild Flour Bakery will be a regular on Thursdays. I'm hoping they get another meat supplier on the roster (maybe Natural Meadows Farm?) since Dwayne Livengood isn't around to raise meat for Livengood's this year. Any word?

Bob Libkind said...

Glad you enjoy the blog, Erin. Dwain, as you know, is still in Hondduras. But he does have someone tending his cattle back in Lancaster. So I expect after Dwain returns you might see his beef again.

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