Saturday, June 06, 2009

Seguing from Spring to Summer

The summer solstice draws nigh, only two weeks away. So it should not come as a surprise that watermelon was among the featured fruits at Iovine Brothers Produce today.

For sure the melon was not local; it will probably be another six or seven weeks until we see that. But the domestic melons (whole and in pre-packaged sections) certainly looked attractive. Maybe it’s time for a watermelon and feta salad. The whole, oblong seeded melons were selling for $2.99 apiece, the smaller but still substantial globes of seedless melons, $1.99.

Spring remains firmly evidence from the abundance of strawberries. L. Halteman’s berries were $2.99/pint, $5.49/quart (though the snow peas were also attractive at $2.99/pound). Earl Livengood’s organic strawberries were $3.95/$6.95, Kauffman’s Lancaster County Produce was similarly priced, though you could also get two quarts for $13. Fair Food’s chemical-free berries were $4.95/pint, conventionals $3.50/$6.75.

Summer squash has made its appearance, with both yellow and green zucchinis selling for $2.49/pound at Kauffman’s, which also featured bunch beets at $2.49, white new potatoes for $2.5o/pint, reds $3.95.

Kauffman’s turns on its new rice cake popping machine when the crowds thicken. The Rube Goldberg contraption not only sells the rice cakes, but Ben’s assortment of spreads and nut butters.

On the protein front, Giunta’s Prime Shop included at least one cut of meat new to its display, lamb “London broil”, $8.99/pound. Like it’s beef counterpart, it’s cut from the top round. Giunta’s also had lamb shanks for $5.49/pound and ribs at $3.29 (same price as at his brother Martin’s).

Whole mackeral would cost you $2.99/pound from either Golden Seafood or John Yi. The latter’s Copper River Salmon (King) came down in price to $22.99. They also had Alaskan sockeye (my guess is it’s either CRS or Bristol Bay) for $12.99, the same price as Arctic char, another member of the salmonid family. Soft shell crabs remained $5.99 apiece or 4/$20.

Back at Iovine Brothers, both green and red bell peppers were on sale for 89 cents, with the oranges and yellows commanding $2.99/pound. Garden State asparagus was $1.99/bunch, jumbo limes 5/$1, and Ataulfa mangoes 2/$1.

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