Monday, March 22, 2010

Nolia Chocolates
Add to your list of fine truffles made locally

We're blessed in Philadelphia with some excellent chocolates made in the region. John + Kira, Neuchatel, Eclat and others, including those made in-house at Lacroix.

Now add Nolia to the list.

From somewhere near the Old Kensington-Northern Liberties demarcation line, Kristin and Samantha are concocting some great flavors using single origin Carenero beans from Venezuela.

She Who Must Be Obeyed attended a tasting Saturday at the home of one of the principals in Fairmount and was bowled over. This is a lady who, when asked for her favorite chocolatier, answers: Marcolini of Place du Grand Sablon, Brussels.

I tried a few from the small box SWMBO brought home.

Rosemary Goat. Inspired by a flavor fav at Capogiro, the rosemary comes on just strong enough without overpowering the other components.

Bourbon Cherry. Simply put, the best damned cherry cordial I've ever tasted. The cherry itself, as well as the filling, have an intense bourbon flavor which, again, augments rather than overpowers this bonbon's cherryness.

Raspberry Champagne. 'Nuff said.

Lemon Pepper. The hit of Saturday's tasting, and my No. 2 behind the cherry among those I tasted; the bits of pepper pepper the top of the chocolate. iirc, SWMBO said she was told the pepper comes from a single estate of one of the principals' acquaintances in Costa Rica.

SWMBO also tried a Mango Buttercream which she found appealing.

There are lots of other flavors, as well as those they make when prime ingredients become available; these aren't listed on the website, but when you order an assortment a couple of these will be included.

Nolia appears to be priced competitively for high quality chocolates. The 12-piece assortment SWMBO brought home for $20 weighed out at 7.5 ounces, which works out to less than $43 a pound. The 24-piece box, assuming it weighs in at 15 ounces, would be priced at less than $41/pound.

I didn't try them, but Nolia is offering a variety of filled Easter eggs, including a large hollow egg filled with truffles.

You can order online, with shipping charges (First Class or Fedex) extra, though you can avoid those by arranging to pick up your order in town.

For any Manhattanites reading this post, another tasting will be held this Thursday in NYC. Although it's by invitation, my guess is you can wrangle an invite to contacting Kristin via the website; just tell her I sent you.

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The Sister said...

Sounds like Robert likes bourbon more than I do. I found the cherry-bourbon cordial to be overwhelmingly flavored. I still think John & Kira's are better because their flavors are more subtle and let the chocolate itself come through.

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