Friday, March 12, 2010


American industrial agriculture, in its never-ending quest to sell more and meet perceived needs that really aren't, has unveiled a new fruit, the plumogranite.

Vinnie Iovine of Iovine Brothers Produce, Reading Terminal Market, says it should arrive sometime in July from California. It's basically a pluot (a plum-apricot hybrid) which has been endowed through botanical science with high anti-oxidant levels similar to those of pomegranate, hence the triple-combo name.

I didn't spy much else that's new at Iovine's during a visit yesterday. Green bell peppers are still more expensive than reds ($2.99 vs. $1.99), and the Chilean grapes still haven't reached bargain levels. Maybe it's just disruption due to the earthquake that should start to get back to normal soon.

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