Wednesday, March 31, 2010


It must be spring, because Iovine Brothers Produce touted the first ramps of the season this week.

They're only $1.99 a bunch . . . but the bunches are very small. The one I picked out seemed the heftiest, and it weighed out at only two ounces. That puts the cost at somewhere around $16/pound. It's a good thing a little goes a long way. I plan to use them with some halibut tonight.

Also featured at Iovine's this week:
  • California strawberries, $1 for a one-pound pack
  • Lettuces, 99-cents a head (romaine, iceberg, green and red leaf)
  • Asparagus (U.S.), pencil thin, $1.99/bunch
  • Seedless grapes, $1 for one-pound pack

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